Wednesday, 20 February 2013


We went to the Lupercalia Winter Music Festival and played a club called The Darkside last Saturday. Good time. Our guy Jamie Algie the boatman came along and he took this picture of us. I want to tell you that a few years ago, after years of Tim Hortons hegemony over the highways, and experiencing that unique kind of abuse only such a monopoly can dole out to a touring band, I gave myself over fully to Scarborough's very own Coffee Time, it being the sign of a healthy neighbourhood, a friendly place for loitering, for buying a better coffee or a good fried donut. Since then they've changed their font to a font much too jovial for me, and I object to their expansion into Afghanistan and Iraq. Still, I'd prefer it to a Tammy's in my hood any day. But lo and behold, on our way from the impeccable Lupercalia Sunday Brunch, we came across the old font and a better message:

Thank you Jamie Algie for developing this film so promptly. -SS