Thursday, 14 March 2013


NOW TORONTO's Richard Trapunski's review of IF IT'S REAL, album of the week, translated into Slovenian and then back again to English

"NNNN - Fans of roots and country in Toronto know Simone Schmidt and Paul Mortimer as the main members of hundred dollars, but I transferred to the highest order, with drummer Simone TB (Tropics, Ell V Gore) and bassist Kyle Porter in the rhythm section. Although the group shares DNA with the previous - a penchant for gritty murder ballads and tales of loneliness and longing - this debut is a completely new beast.
TB is the background noise and garage rock to inform her drumming ensemble and gives a heavy punch power, especially in kinesiology Kraut of cosmic manipulation, the three parts are scattered throughout the album. Mortimer plays a leading role in hundreds of dollars, but it has even more attention here, it is often at the forefront of psychedelic guitar provides a spacey, stoned warmth.
As usual, though Schmidt manages most of the attention with its confident, husky vocals and lyrics, which increase with the depth of classical themes."